UK Bingo

Bingo is among one of the favorite past times for how people spend their leisure time in the UK. Bingo halls are spread throughout the UK and people flock to these UK bingo halls to socialize, chat, play bingo and have fun with their mates.

While live bingo is quite popular in the UK, bingo on the internet has caught fire and is becoming quite popular. Playing bingo on the internet allows for bingo play without going out and about. Players can participate in online bingo games in quite the same way they do at their live bingo venues in the UK. Bingo sites provide chat rooms, which allow for socialization and friendly interaction with other bingo players in the UK and around the world while playing bingo on the internet.

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How UK bingo players pay for online bingo

While there are many similarities between playing bingo at a live venue and playing bingo on the internet, the main difference between the two is perhaps how one pays for their bingo cards and play. In the UK, bingo cards are bought and paid for on the spot, with cash changing hands. The money a player does not spend can be kept. On the internet, a player must establish an online bingo account and upload or transfer money to their bingo account, which serves as their bingo bank of sorts. When they wish to play a game, they simply buy into the game using this account. The player must set up an account at whichever bingo site he or she plays at. This means if a player decides to play bingo at Costa Bingo, they must establish an account there. If they decide they wish to play at Posh Bingo as well, a second account must be set up. Players cannot transfer money directly from bingo account to bingo account. They must use an e-wallet, Credit Card, or other form of money mover to do so.

Fortunately, UK bingo players have several options for moving money to and from their online bingo accounts. The most common methods UK bingo players use for depositing, transferring, and cashing out to and from bingo sites are Credit or Debit Cards and e-wallets. Below you will find details for each method UK bingo players utilize to fund and empty their internet bingo accounts.

UK bingo Credit Card deposit options

UK bingo players may use the following credit cards to deposit to their online bingo accounts:


Visa uk bingo deposit

Visa is the most widely held credit card in the world. Visa customers can buy virtually anything using their visa cards. Most all online bingo sites accept Visa credit cards for deposits. Learn more about how the visa card can fund your online bingo account.

(Read about Visa bingo deposit options).


MasterCard uk bingo deposit

MasterCard is a popular credit card. MasterCard customers can buy almost anything using their MasterCard credit cards. Most all online bingo sites allow MasterCard credit cards for making deposits deposits. Learn more about how the MasterCard can fund your online bingo account.

(Read about MasterCard bingo deposit options).


PaySafeCard uk bingo deposit

The PaySafeCard is a prepaid credit card that can be purchased from many stores throughout Europe and the UK. With the PaySafeCard, bingo players purchase a card and then load money into it. From there, they can use the PaySafeCard to fund their online bingo accounts.

(Read about bingo deposit options with the PaySafeCard).

UK Bingo e-wallet Deposit Options

UK bingo players may use the following e-wallets to deposit to their online bingo accounts:


NETeller uk bingo deposit

NETeller is an effecient e-wallet service that allows bingo players to move money to and from bank accounts and debit or credit cards without providing the bingo room their bank account information or credit card numbers.

(Learn about NETeller deposit options).


PayPal uk bingo deposit

PayPal is the most recognized and widely held e-wallet solution in the world. PayPal customers can utilize PayPal to buy and sell items over the internet, pay bills, and deposit or cash out to online bingo sites. Learn more about how PayPal can fund your online bingo account.

(Read about PayPal bingo deposit options).


Moneybookers uk bingo deposit

Moneybookers is a popular e-wallet alternative to PayPal and NETeller. Moneybookers e-wallet accounts can be used to purchase and sell goods virtually and also to move money to and from bingo player accounts on the internet.

(Read about Moneybookers bingo deposit options).

UK Bingo Debit Deposit Options

UK bingo players can fund their online bingo accounts using the following debit cards:

Switch/Solo Debit Card

Switch/Solo Card uk bingo deposit

Switch or Solo debit cards may be utilized to move money from the bank account to the internet bingo hall and back by way of the debit card. Learn more about how and where to deposit by way of your Switch and Solo Debit Cards.

(Read about Switch/Solo debit bingo deposit options).


Ukash uk bingo deposit

Ukash is a debit voucher system where a Ukash voucher may be purchased and later redeemed using the Ukash voucher code to make purchases, send money, and to deposit to online bingo rooms. Ukash does not require bank account or credit card information of any sort.

(Read about Ukash bingo deposit options).