how to play 75 ball bingo

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75 Ball Bingo is the bingo version that is most commonly played in America and Canada, although it has been gaining popularity in the UK. It is widely available and also offers players a change of game play which many players seem to like – as they say, a change is as good as a rest.

In a 75 Ball game the card is 5 squares by 5 squares, forming a grid of 25 squares. As the name says, there are 75 balls called in which you have to call a Full House, that is to get all of the numbers on your card. The centre square in the grid is what as known as a free space, and so has no number on it.

Along the top of the card are the letters B, I, N, G and O – one heading each column. Each column consists of 15 numbers, so the B column has numbers 1-15, the I column has numbers 16-30, N has 31-45, G has 46-60 and O has 61-75. The caller announces these as a letter and then a number, ie B6, G51.

One of the attractions of the 75 Ball game is the variety in it, as the grid offers many opportunities to create patterns. These are used by many operators when offering special promotions, such as the word ‘love’ for a Valentines Day promotion for example. These make the games more interesting for players and the possibilities are endless. One popular version is to have a line of 5 squares, which can either be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Another popular theme is to have the squares arranged in the shape of a letter, such as E and O. If the free space is in a pattern then players are allowed to immediately mark this off. The coverall game is particularly popular with players – in this game there are numbers on all of the squares except for the free space. All of these have to be marked off, and these games usually offer very attractive jackpot prizes, higher than other versions of the game.

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