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Bingo Calls

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Bingo on the Box

Bingo Calls

When playing bingo live in the London Bingo Halls, you will notice that after a bingo number is called, the bingo players all seem to repeat a phrase. This is because every number in the bingo game has a story or a rhyme associated with it. Here is the list of bingo numbers, along with their corresponding bingo calls so that when you go out to play bingo in London, you can follow along and have fun with the rest of the bingo players at your favorite London Bingo Hall by using the popular bingo calls.

B Bingo Calls in London Bingo Halls

  • 1 uses the bingo call Kelly’s Eye – One-eyed pirate
  • 2 uses the bingo call One Little Duck
  • 3 uses the bingo call Cup of Tea
  • 4 uses the bingo call Knock at the Door
  • 5 uses the bingo call Man Alive
  • 6 uses the bingo call Tom’s Tricks
  • 7 uses the bingo call Lucky
  • 8 uses the bingo call Garden Gate
  • 9 uses the bingo call Doctor’s Orders
  • 10 uses the bingo call Maggie’s Den (Maggie = Margaret Thatcher)
  • 11 uses the bingo call Legs
  • 12 uses the bingo call One Dozen
  • 13 uses the bingo call Unlucky for Some
  • 14 uses the bingo call Valentines Day
  • 15 uses the bingo call Young and Keen
  • 16 uses the bingo call Sweet
  • 17 uses the bingo call Dancing Queen
  • 18 uses the bingo call Coming of Age

I Bingo Calls in London Bingo Halls

  • 19 uses the bingo call Goodbye Teens
  • 20 uses the bingo call One Score
  • 21 uses the bingo call Key of the Door
  • 22 uses the bingo call Two Little Ducks
  • 23 uses the bingo call Thee and Me
  • 24 uses the bingo call Two Dozen
  • 25 uses the bingo call Duck and Dive
  • 26 uses the bingo call Pick and Mix
  • 27 uses the bingo call Gateway to Heaven
  • 28 uses the bingo call Over Weight
  • 29 uses the bingo call Rise and Shine
  • 30 uses the bingo call Dirty Gertie
  • 31 uses the bingo call Get Up and Run
  • 32 uses the bingo call Buckle My Shoe
  • 33 uses the bingo call Dirty Knee
  • 34 uses the bingo call Ask for More
  • 35 uses the bingo call Jump and Jive
  • 36 uses the bingo call Three Dozen

Costa Bingo

N Bingo Calls in London Bingo Halls

  • 37 uses the bingo call More Than Eleven
  • 38 uses the bingo call Christmas Cake
  • 39 uses the bingo call Steps (“The Thirty-Nine Steps” – John Buchan novel of 1915)
  • 40 uses the bingo call Naughty Forty
  • 41 uses the bingo call Time for Fun
  • 42 uses the bingo call Winnie the Pooh
  • 43 uses the bingo call Down on Your Knees
  • 44 uses the bingo call Droopy Drawers
  • 45 uses the bingo call Halfway There
  • 46 uses the bingo call Up to Tricks
  • 47 uses the bingo call Four and Seven
  • 48 uses the bingo call Four Dozen
  • 49 uses the bingo call P.C.
  • 50 uses the bingo call Half a Century
  • 51 uses the bingo call Tweak of the Thumb
  • 52 uses the bingo call Danny La Rue
  • 53 uses the bingo call Stuck in the Tree
  • 54 uses the bingo call Clean the Floor

G Bingo Calls in London Bingo Halls

  • 55 uses the bingo call Snakes Alive
  • 56 uses the bingo call Was She Worth It? (The price of an old marriage license)
  • 57 uses the bingo call Heinz Varieties
  • 58 uses the bingo call Make Them Wait
  • 59 uses the bingo call Brighton Line
  • 60 uses the bingo call Five Dozen
  • 61 uses the bingo call Baker’s Bun
  • 62 uses the bingo call Turn the Screw
  • 63 uses the bingo call Tickle Me
  • 64 uses the bingo call Red Raw
  • 65 uses the bingo call Old Age Pension
  • 66 uses the bingo call Clickety Click
  • 67 uses the bingo call Made in Heaven
  • 68 uses the bingo call Saving Grace
  • 69 uses the bingo call Either Way Up
  • 70 uses the bingo call Three Score and Ten
  • 71 uses the bingo call Bang on the Drum
  • 72 uses the bingo call Six Dozen

O Bingo Calls in London Bingo Halls

  • 73 uses the bingo call Queen Bee
  • 74 uses the bingo call Candy Store
  • 75 uses the bingo call Strive and Strive
  • 76 uses the bingo call Trombones
  • 77 uses the bingo call Sunset Strip
  • 78 uses the bingo call Heavens Gate
  • 79 uses the bingo call One More Time
  • 80 uses the bingo call Eight & Blank
  • 81 uses the bingo call Stop and Run
  • 82 uses the bingo call Straight On Through
  • 83 uses the bingo call Time for Tea
  • 84 uses the bingo call Seven Dozen
  • 85 uses the bingo call Staying Alive
  • 86 uses the bingo call Between the Sticks
  • 87 uses the bingo call Torquay in Devon
  • 88 uses the bingo call Two Fat Ladies
  • 89 uses the bingo call Nearly There
  • 90 uses the bingo call Top of the Shop

How to play 90 ball bingo

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90 Ball Bingo is the traditional bingo game which is traditionally thought of as the UK bingo game, as opposed to 75 Ball Bingo which is the most popular game in America and Canada. It is also the most popular version of bingo played in Australia and New Zealand.

In a 90 Ball bingo game, the card has 9 columns and 3 rows, forming a grid of 27 squares. There are 15 numbers to mark off, 5 in each row – numbers 1-9 are in the first column, numbers 10-19 in the second column, numbers 20-29 in the third column and so on. Usually cards are sold in a strip of 6 and each number will only be found on one card – so once you have marked off a number you don’t need to look for it on any other cards.

As the name says there are 90 bingo balls that can be called, and the object of the game is to be the first to get all of your 15 numbers marked off, when you can call a Full House. In most 90 ball bingo games, there is also a prize for the first line called, and sometimes also for the first two lines called. The lowest prize is for the first line, and the highest is of course for the Full House. Sometimes the game is linked to those being played in other bingo clubs, which means that the jackpot is far higher than usual. In this case you would win a prize if you were the first to call Full House in your club, but if you were the first player out of all the clubs to call Full House you would receive a far larger jackpot. Sometimes there are certain rules which you need to meet in order to claim the jackpot, usually a limit on how many numbers are called before you complete your card. For example, if the limit is 38 balls and it takes you 40 to mark off all of your numbers you would receive a smaller prize as you have not fulfilled the requirements.

bingo rules

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silk bingo

Bingo is a game that most of us learned how to play as children, but if you didn’t or you’ve forgotten the rules then you can continue reading my guide. Bingo has recently been seeing a lot of growth due to the online marketplace and there are now thousands of new players joining online bingo portals everyday. As one of the simplest games to learn how to play, Bingo is an easy game to understand, especially after reading through the complete rules of bingo.

When you play bingo whether it’s online or live the goal of the game is to complete the pattern on your bingo card. There are different game patterns which can be used when you play bingo and often the online bingo portals will vary between the different patterns. Some of the common bingo card patterns which you can expect to see in online bingo portals consist of straight lines, diagonal lines and full cards.

Every bingo game will either have an announcer or just a broadcast screen which displays all of the numbers which have been called. When you play online bingo you’ll usually have the option between marking your own numbers on your bingo card or having them automatically marked off when the number is called. Most people tend to leave the setting so that they can mark there own numbers as that’s the most fun part of playing, except of course winning. If you do end up marking your own numbers for your bingo card you need to make sure you’re focused on the game and don’t have any distractions. You don’t want to miss any numbers because you weren’t paying attention while playing so always keep an eye and ear open so you don’t miss any numbers.

As numbers are being called and players are marking there cards off you’ll find that the excitement level in the room will start skyrocketing. Each round of bingo will continue to play until one or more players yell out bingo. Of course you need to make sure that you have a bingo before doing so because it will be verified. Once a player does call out bingo and it’s verified that game of bingo is now complete and players will begin a new round with new cards.

Bingo as you can see is one of the easier games to learn how to play and if you’re playing Bingo online then it’s pretty self-explanatory. Online bingo portals will allow you to automate the playing process so all you need to do is sit back, talk with other players and hopefully win some money. Online bingo portals have been expanding the past six months and most of them are now offering bingo games every hour. You will be able to find a lot more action online then you’d ever be able to find playing in your local bingo hall, plus it’s a lot more convenient.

Now that you know how to play bingo you can read our reviews of the leading online bingo portals and use one of our Bingo bonus codes to get yourself started.

History of bingo

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Posh Bingo

History of Bingo in the UK

Although online bingo has a very short history, the game of bingo itself dates back to the 16th century in Europe. Originating in Italy, bingo sprung from the Italian game Lo Giuocco del Lotto D’Italia which is a kind of lottery. This game later spread to France which was known at Le Lotto by that time, and further to Germany which was used as educational technique to teach children mathematics!

As the game evolved over the years after, bingo became a popular pastime in carnivals and fairs as a game called Beano which by the 1900s was being played in America as well. Beano was discovered and marketed by Edwin Rowe, a traveling toy salesman from New York. He discovered the game while passing through a fair in Georgia, USA and was fascinated about how addicting the simple game was. He created the first bingo set with 12 bingo cards, which he began to sell at one dollar per game. This later evolved into a bigger edition with 24 bingo cards which was sold for two dollars. While playing the game with friends in his New York home, a player excitedly called out Bingo instead of Beano, which changed the name of the game forever.

Bingo was later adapted as a game for fund-raising purposes by a Catholic priest, who also discovered that Lowe should come up with more number combinations on the bingo cards to prevent double winnings and prize-sharing. Lowe then approached a Columbia University mathematician who helped him come up with at least 6,000 bingo card combinations per game. As the bingo game gained popularity, especially at churches, across the country, an instructional manual was then published and a bingo newsletter called The Blotter was also developed.

Lowe never had any luck registering the trademark Bingo under his name since it was already under the public domain. During the 1930s, bingo was being played in America and in the UK at motion picture theaters before a movie was played. This became a great way to promote the theaters as bingo cards were distributed if you bought a movie ticket because it gave you a chance to win a prize during the bingo game before the show started.

In the mid-1900’s, bingo had gained worldwide popularity, and by 1968 the UK Gaming Act officially made it a formal game form in the United Kingdom. As more people played it in churches and fairs, more and more people were exposed to the simple yet addicting game that was taking the world by storm. By 1986, the National Bingo Game in the UK was legalized. This allowed for even more bingo game playing in public places and as a means to raise money for charities and other organizations. In 2003, the first UK online bingo game was launched, where today, more than 3 million people play the game of bingo online regularly. Online bingo gaming has become so popular, not only in the UK but around the world, and has drawn in millions of players worldwide to participate in virtual bingo games to win cash prizes on the internet.

History of Bingo in the USA

With this existing bingo craze, especially now that it has made it online, it is surprising to find out that bingo only started in 1929 in Jacksonville, Georgia in the USA. Originally the game was called Beano simply because participating players in the game would mark their cards with beans, but as time passed, Bingo became the name of the game.

One could say the founder of the bingo game was Edwin Lowe who discovered the game while he was a poor traveling toy salesman from New York. During one of his business calls, he happened to pass through a Beano tent in a county fair where a group of people were playing what we now know as bingo. The concept was the simple, people had cards which they marked with beans whenever the caller called out a number, and if a player completed a diagonal, horizontal or vertical line of beans he would call out ‘Beano!’ After verification of his number and he was declared a winner, the prize would be a kewpie doll from the caller.

Edwin Lowe noticed that this game went on for hours, even after the caller would warn them that it was the last game. Apparently it was addicting and Lowe saw the potential in such a low-budget activity in times of recession and depression. So, he began his own beano sessions in his New Your apartment where he initially invited friends to come and play. It was one evening that a player mistakenly shouted ‘Bingo’ instead of ‘Beano’ which forever changed the name of the game.

As time passed, Edwin Lowe began to market the game of bingo in the US and the first bingo game was sold with only 12 cards in it at a total cost of one dollar. As time passed the edition of the game started including 24 cards at a higher price of two dollars. Since the name bingo was already part of the public domain, Lowe could not register it as his trademark.

By this time, the game had made its debut nationwide and was given special notice by a Wilkes-Barre Catholic priest in Pennsylvania. He saw this as an opportunity for the church to fundraise since his church was not thriving in the poor economy. All it took was purchasing several versions of the game and start playing it with the members of his congregation on weekends and evenings. However, finding that there were shared winnings amongst player due to duplicated cards, he saw this as an opportunity to change the game.

The priest went to Edwin Lowe with the problem along with a solution that he should make more bingo card combinations to make the game more interesting. With this idea, Lowe approached Columbia University mathematician, Carl Leffler, to help him come up with more number combinations for his game. They came up with 6000 combinations by 1930 which made the game far more interesting than when it first started.

Soon bingo games were a regular activity across different churches across the USA and by 1934 Edwin Lowe had established his bingo manufacturing company with over 1000 employees. His discovery of the game paved the way for bingo in the years after.

costa bingo

how to play 75 ball bingo

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75 Ball Bingo is the bingo version that is most commonly played in America and Canada, although it has been gaining popularity in the UK. It is widely available and also offers players a change of game play which many players seem to like – as they say, a change is as good as a rest.

In a 75 Ball game the card is 5 squares by 5 squares, forming a grid of 25 squares. As the name says, there are 75 balls called in which you have to call a Full House, that is to get all of the numbers on your card. The centre square in the grid is what as known as a free space, and so has no number on it.

Along the top of the card are the letters B, I, N, G and O – one heading each column. Each column consists of 15 numbers, so the B column has numbers 1-15, the I column has numbers 16-30, N has 31-45, G has 46-60 and O has 61-75. The caller announces these as a letter and then a number, ie B6, G51.

One of the attractions of the 75 Ball game is the variety in it, as the grid offers many opportunities to create patterns. These are used by many operators when offering special promotions, such as the word ‘love’ for a Valentines Day promotion for example. These make the games more interesting for players and the possibilities are endless. One popular version is to have a line of 5 squares, which can either be horizontal, vertical or diagonal. Another popular theme is to have the squares arranged in the shape of a letter, such as E and O. If the free space is in a pattern then players are allowed to immediately mark this off. The coverall game is particularly popular with players – in this game there are numbers on all of the squares except for the free space. All of these have to be marked off, and these games usually offer very attractive jackpot prizes, higher than other versions of the game.

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